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< 50 employees
  • Get your B-BBEE scorecard ready to be digitally and virtually verified. Save time and cost. Keeping it simple.
  • Upload all your evidence in preparation for a B-BBEE scorecard audit and get access to one of many BeagleScore partner verification agencies for a cost-effective, simplified and digital B-BBEE audit process.
  • Get your B-BBEE scorecard digitally and virtually audited. Same time and cost. Keep it simple.



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< 50 employees
  • Get all the benefits of Basic plus check out what each point will cost your business and optimise your spend where it counts the most.
  • Check out your compliance gaps and figure out where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.
  • Use BeagleScore reports to feedback to your execs.



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< 50 employees
  • Get all the benefits of Standard plus set B-BBEE targets that are achievable and practical.
  • Create different scenario scorecards based on the expense, effort and focus that your business can sustain.
  • Link actions and accountability to each compliance initiative your business has committed to.
  • The BEEtoolkit is a all-in-one bundled version of BeagleScore, giving clients unlimited access to all the features and functions of BeagleScore including B-BBEE advisory, training, education and access to a large ecosystem of specialist service providers.
  • Anything is possible with Mpowered.